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Welcome To Our Site takes you to the biggest Mall in the Pink city, Jaipur, India. Jaipur city was built in 1727 by Swai Jai Singh one of the mightiest and most farsighted rulers of Amer State more than two hundred fifty years ago. The city was built according to a plan by one of the finest Indian Town planners and astrologers of the Eighteenth Century. It is now the capital of Rajasthan state. Johribazaar was the main shopping Mall of the town and is still retains its primacy. It comprises more than four hundred stores and shops which offer a very reach variety of merchandise, from low-priced handcrafted items to gems and jewels worth millions.



Jaipur, the home of Arts, is itself a gem, both literally and metaphorically. Its talent and creativity has found expression in so many areas that this gem sparkles from every angel. The businessmen of Jaipur have achieved first rank nationally in export of artistically cut precious and semi- precious stone. A carving in stone is believed to be long lasting.

If this stone carving is in the hand of skillful artist it results in sculpture which appears to be everlasting. Jaipur is a center of many kind of sculpture of great excellence. This is due to the geographical location of Jaipur.