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About Us takes you to the biggest Mall in the Pink city, Jaipur, India. Jaipur city was built in 1727 by Swai Jai Singh one of the mightiest and most farsighted rulers of Amer State more than two hundred fifty years ago. The city was built according to a plan by one of the finest Indian Town planners and astrologers of the Eighteenth Century. It is now the capital of Rajasthan state. Johribazaar was the main shopping Mall of the town and is still retains its primacy. It comprises more than four hundred stores and shops which offer a very reach variety of merchandise, from low-priced handcrafted items to gems and jewels worth millions.

The range of items available cannot be described in short space. Birthstone4u is an international center of gem trade, gem cutting and setting and silver, gold and Kundan jewelry. Other famous items available here are: Handcrafted foot wear , handcrafted items of decoration; the famous Jaipur Quilt in silk, velvet and cotton; jewelry with semi-precious and precious stone in lack; sculpture in marble, soap-stone and other kinds of stone ; oil and water color painting; carved wooden furniture; handmade hand crafted readymade clothes etc. will take you shopping through this Mall. Since the variety of items is immense, we begin with something for which Jaipur is internationally known; gems and jewelry. We enable you to shop for gems and jewelry.

We will help you to choose and acquire items that you will like to have. For this we have competent staff which will also pack and dispatch the item according to your instruction.For details please see Contact Us, Shipping and return and Information. An immense variety of jewellery in precious, semi-precious stones, lack and Kundan is available in Jaipur. Necklaces, pendants, ear-rings, bracelets, armbands, bangles, gold and silver belts are available. You can have them in pure metal or studded with precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies and pearls. Kundan jewellery is a specialty of Jaipur.

It is crafted by craftsmen known as ” Kundan Saz “. Who have been making this kind of jewellery for generations. An altogether different kind of craft is practiced by artisan who makes lack jewellery set with precious and semi-precious stones. Meenakari is another different craft. You can shop for any or all of these kinds of jewellery and gem stones through As and when we introduced other items for example garment,carpet,quilt etc. you will see them on our website We will make Swai Jai Singh’s vision of a grand Mall a reality for you and we will bring it within your reach through internet.